Join the Sunday service here at 10:30 a.m., special events when they happen, or view later using the archives.

 STREAMING EVENT SCHEDULE: Regular worship services are streamed every Sunday morning at 10:30.


Please check the NEWS and EVENTS CALENDAR pages to see what else is happening at Trinity or things around town likely to be of interest to Trinity folks.

PROBLEMS?  Try this first: RELOAD PAGE
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– Stream drops during service? We usually manage to fix it within 5 minutes or less. Alert us to the problem (if possible) and try again in a few minutes.
Let us know about the problem by commenting in the chat room, or email Use the chat room to alert us to problems as they happen. (We may not always be able to reply. Fixing the problem is priority #1!) Emails won’t alert us right away, but they will get a response to you within a day or two – God willing and creek don’t rise!
– You can also try going to to view the event. (But if there are live-streaming problems, going to a different access point won’t help.)

SKIP TO START: The event archive files usually include some pre-event setup time. For a typical streamed worship service, there would be a countdown starting about 10 minutes into the video, and the service would start 5 minutes later… But it can vary considerably. CLICK HERE to check start times for individual events.